'Anthrenus Verbasci' VR Experience

Is the world as we see it?
This work, focusing on the effects of the size difference between objects and humans on the act of seeing, points to the variability of reality. Our surroundings are actually filled with thousands of things we see every day but do not notice. What if we were one of them, and how would it be to look at another?
What we see through the eyes of what we see.
We have become familiar with the macro and micro worlds, accompanied by technological advancements, and have been amazed by them. But what about the in-between dimensions? For instance, what is the reality of insects like? How would it be to empathize with a bug?
Real or illusion?
The size difference and distance between us and objects create our perception of reality. Is every perception that goes beyond this generally accepted reality and illusion? When the change in our size or distance is reflected in our perception, does it distort the reality of the object?

Modern Age Griffin 'Divinity of Today'

2022 “

Contrary to the past, the frightening elements of today's world have been situations that directly affect our lives, such as drought and radiation.
Drought, ignorance, loss of humanity and robotization, which are among the greatest fears of our age, inability to resist radiation and the progress of speed and laziness in direct proportion gave birth to the griffin of the 2000s.

This surreal motif, consisting of cheetah, gorilla, crow, molok and cockroach, reflects humanity's future perception of divinity due to the unique survival abilities of the five animals.”
Ayin / Ritual



Aynı yolda olanlar birleşir bir olurlar,
Birlik ses olur, yön olur, ritim olur.

Those who are on the same path unite and become one,
Unity becomes sound, direction, rhythm.
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