"We invite everyone who wants to meet and make peace with their shadow to Nelumbo this Sunday 🌗 In this exhibition curated by Tuna Mitrani, a special selection of 20 remarkable artists from Kadıköy Mag will take us on a journey towards our light and dark sides. • EMBRACE YOUR SHADOW 'Confront Your Shadow' • 'There is no human without a shadow, just as light cannot exist without darkness. True enlightenment can only be experienced when one becomes aware of their dark side. Integrating oneself can only be achieved by meeting one's shadow and confronting both the good and the bad aspects. The goal should not be to eliminate the dark side but to tame it and gain control over all aspects of one's self. Searching for oneself, knowing what one is searching for, understanding, realizing, taking action, and self-fulfillment are necessary.
This exhibition is dedicated to the notion that within black, white will always exist, and from every darkness, a light will emerge.
Those who perceive their shadow and their light simultaneously see themselves from both sides and find the middle point.
If you die before you die, you will never die... • September 19th, Sunday 16:00 Opening 19:00 Noceur Pneuma Audiovisual Set"


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