"Here it comes! Wolf’sBox is going to do its premier in OFF, Odense International Film Festival, one of the most important festivals in Denmark. The festival is going to take place in between 28th of August and 3rd of September.
Wolf’s Box is a thriller short film/animation shot with the stop motion technique. The film is directed by director and artist @ugursavasart, who produces multidisciplinary works between sculpture and animation. @denizbalimsw composed the musics of the film, who uses sound design and music parsing at the same time. The film, which has a total duration of 21 minutes,took 5 years to finish. During this period of time, it is supported by Canlandıranlar Yetenek Kampı and funded by Ministry of Culture of The Republic of Turkey. Wolf’s Box aims to show the audience the consequences of supporting an idea in a fanatical way, no matter what way of thinking it is.
“Chaotic dystopia, skeleton dwarf gnomes, the wolf man, a steel oven with teeth and an amazingly beautiful score collide in this harrowing societal critique from Turkey.”
Hi everyone! We've got 4 various facinating posters that we prepared for "Wolf's Box". Well, What do you think? Which one is the most interesting?
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