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contemporary Artist

onur Alakay

2023 Collection

Absract Acceleration

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SUNSET SOARER Sale price90,000.00TL
PULSE Sale price90,000.00TL
Eden / North
Eden / North Sale price33,400.00TL
Eden / South
Eden / South Sale price33,400.00TL
The Slide
The Slide Sale price165,200.00TL
The Gate
The Gate Sale price165,200.00TL
Toucan Sale price165,200.00TL
Till DuskTill Dusk
Till Dusk Sale price165,200.00TL
Ephemeral Symphony III
Ephemeral Symphony III Sale price90,000.00TL
Ephemeral Symphony II
Ephemeral Symphony II Sale price90,000.00TL
Ephemeral Symphony I
Ephemeral Symphony I Sale price90,000.00TL
Abstract Acceleration

Onur Alakay’s "Abstract Acceleration" curated by Pinar Goodstone orchestrates a visual symphony through canvases, acrylic paintings exploring profound themes of chaos and order in the universe, personal odysseys, and the cosmic interplay from the micro to the macro. 

Witness the cosmic dance as Onur unravels the intricate balance between chaos and order: each canvas becomes a visual diary, inviting viewers to embark on a personal journey of introspection and self-discovery traversing the layers of existence, from the minutiae of the microcosm to the grandeur of the macrocosm.

"Abstract Acceleration" at Root Karaköy beckons you on an artful odyssey. Engage with the dynamic interplay of chaos and order and become a part of the collective narrative. 

White Lotus

Mixed Exhibitons
White Lotus: Symbol of Purity

The lotus thrives in murky waters, symbolizing purity and beauty in Hinduism and Buddhism. Scientifically 'Nelumbo Nucifera', it's India's national flower, revered in art and myth. Edible parts include seeds, leaves, and stems, used in cuisine and medicine. With a 145-million-year history, it's a universal symbol, embodying eternity, sanctity, and life renewal. Hindu belief holds every individual possesses a sacred lotus spirit. White Lotus, often beneath deities' feet like Lakshmi, Sarasvati, signifies purity. Brahma, the ultimate creator, emerges from the Lotus.

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Mimar Sinan Fine Art University