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Kerim Arslan


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CORVUS Sale price18,000.00TL
Selçuk Pol x Kerim Arslan - Dolp
Selçuk Pol x Kerim Arslan - Dolp Sale price64,000.00TL
"Ink-Stained Moon: Calligraphy Lunar Portrait"
ALAMET | THE OMEN 06 Sale price48,000.00TL
ALAMET | THE OMEN 05 Sale price48,000.00TL
ALAMET | THE OMEN 04 Sale price48,000.00TL
ALAMET | THE OMEN 03 Sale price48,000.00TL
ALAMET | THE OMEN 02 Sale price48,000.00TL
ALAMET | THE OMEN 01 Sale price48,000.00TL
İstanbul Sale price64,000.00TL
Sincap | Squirrel 02
Sincap | Squirrel 02 Sale price18,000.00TL
Sincap | Squirrel 01
Sincap | Squirrel 01 Sale price18,000.00TL
Sudan Çıplak - 3 l More Naked Then The Water - 3
Sudan Çıplak - 2  l More Naked Then The Water - 2
Sudan Çıplak - 1 l More Naked Then The Water - 1
Güneşten Sıcak | Hotter Than The Sun
Büyük baştankara | Great titBüyük baştankara | Great tit
Büyük baştankara | Great tit Sale price9,000.00TL
Alakarga | JayAlakarga | Jay
Alakarga | Jay Sale price9,000.00TL
Saksağan | MagpieSaksağan | Magpie
Saksağan | Magpie Sale price9,000.00TL
İtalyan serçesi | Italian sparrowİtalyan serçesi | Italian sparrow
Dağ kuyruksallayanı | Mountain wagtailDağ kuyruksallayanı | Mountain wagtail
Yeşil Ağaçkakan | Green woodpeckerYeşil Ağaçkakan | Green woodpecker
Kızılgerdan | RobinKızılgerdan | Robin
Kızılgerdan | Robin Sale price9,000.00TL
Sığırcık | StarlingSığırcık | Starling
Sığırcık | Starling Sale price9,000.00TL
Büyük baştankara | Great titBüyük baştankara | Great tit
Büyük baştankara | Great tit Sale price9,000.00TL
Yeşil papağan | Green parrotYeşil papağan | Green parrot
Yeşil papağan | Green parrot Sale price9,000.00TL
Leş kargası | Carrion crowLeş kargası | Carrion crow
Leş kargası | Carrion crow Sale price9,000.00TL
Karabaş martı | Black-headed seagullKarabaş martı | Black-headed seagull
Martı | SeagullMartı | Seagull
Martı | Seagull Sale price9,000.00TL
Gümüşi martı | Silvery seagullGümüşi martı | Silvery seagull
Sığırcık | StarlingSığırcık | Starling
Sığırcık | Starling Sale price9,000.00TL
"Choose Your Side""Choose Your Side"
"Choose Your Side" Sale price24,000.00TL
MOON Sale price18,000.00TL

Kısa Dalga Gençlik Merkezi & Hangar Sanat Derneği & Toplum Gönüllüleri Vakfı

Cultural Management Formation Training:

It is an education project conducted under the Culture of European Capital of 2010. March 31, 2010 - Possible End September 29, 2010: Education Assistant (technical and visual responsibility of education).

GAPGenç Festival:

With the theme 'Sharing for Change,' the festival will last for four days and will include panels, concerts, workshops, cultural and art events, exhibitions, and NGO fairs with the participation of young people from the region, the nation, and abroad. Thirty youth organizations are involved in the organizing committee of the festival. Kısa Dalga Youth Center is one of the participating organizations.

May 6 - May 9, 2011: Information University Youth Working Unit, Kısa Dalga Youth Center Gaziantep GaPGenç Festival photography and video responsible.

May 8 - May 11, 2009: Istanbul Information University Youth Working Unit, Kısa Dalga Youth Center Mardin GAPGenç Festival, documenting the group and the event.

KKT5 (Reactions Against Darkness 5):

An excerpt from the introduction of this year's 5th social responsibility concert. Do you realize? If there is no water, there is no life, and when food and drinkable water are gone, all other concerns will become meaningless. We couldn't change our habits before the climates changed, and now the climates are changing, and there's no turning back. Realize now that not watering girls and boys, not talking about air and water doesn't save water.

May 12, 2010 (organizational process starting from December): Concert organization team, concert photography, and KKT5 visual works responsible.

Living Library:

It is a tool that promotes respect for human rights and human dignity. It aims to raise awareness about prejudices that lead to discrimination against individuals and groups and facilitate constructive dialogue. It brings together people who do not have much opportunity to come together in daily life on a basis of personal experience sharing. The books are individuals who are subjected to prejudice by society for various reasons.

May 14-15, 2010: Photography, press responsible, and poster design of the Living Library event held within the scope of the European Inter-University Theater Festival.



Pause | Pause

Entry text for the first personal exhibition titled "Al Pacino."

"Watching a movie is great. Watching a movie again and again is even better. When you watch it again, you not only watch the movie but also the details. That is, the characters and camera angles and locations, and so on and so forth. Why Al Pacino? I was watching 'And Justice For All' again, and suddenly I paused. To be in Al Pacino's place or to be against him? To play charisma or to respond to charisma?"

"I preferred to be against and continued or made it continue. I responded, and they responded."

• July 1-10, 2010: Istanbul 2010 European Capital of Culture Volunteer Program Agency meeting room Aleppo Passage Beyoğlu/Istanbul


May 16-17-18, 2010: Kilis

December 8-10, 2009: Kırşehir Public Library

December 4-7, 2009: Ahi Evran University

December 3, 2009: Kırşehir Cultural Center.

October 26-30, 2009: ENKA High School in Adapazarı

October 26 - November 5: Adapazarı Sabancı Anatolian Technical High School.

October 15-18, 2009: Samsun 19 May University.

October 8, 2009: Displayed in Istanbul, Harbiye-Maçka-Taksim Metro station and Bilboartlar. End date is unknown.

October 7, 2009: Displayed at the Hilton Hotel Fountain Hall with the award ceremony.

Participation in a mixed exhibition

Exhibition resulting from the ex change project organized by IKV (Economic Development Foundation) May 4, 2010: European Commission Spain Representation.

Exhibition called "Pay Attention to Development." Locations and dates where the photographs selected among the top 30 photographs after the photo contest organized by the Community Volunteers Foundation and the World Bank were exhibited. I participated with 2 of my photos in these 30 photos.

Exhibition resulting from the project themed Women's Rights Violation held in Spain; A mixed photo exhibition was created with the women scenes selected from the participating countries (Spain, Italy, Turkey, Greece) by themselves.

December 20 - December 29, 2009: Madrid.