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Uğur Savaş - Sculpture and Animation Artist

Stop-motion Animation Workshop

Stop Motion Animation Workshop aims to teach participants the stop-motion technique from both theoretical and practical perspectives, with the simplest rules. The workshop consists of three different sections:

1. Object Animation: Participants will first watch examples of object animations and then animate their own objects brought from home using the stop-motion technique. Basic stop-motion techniques will be taught to help participants create their own projects.

2. Multi-plane Camera Animation: In this section, participants will design two-dimensional or relief-style puppets. They will be assisted in creating their puppets using materials such as waste materials, colored papers, fabrics, etc., brought from home, and then small animations will be filmed with these puppets. This process will encourage participants to use their creativity to create their own puppet characters and animations.


3. Clay Animation: Using modeling clay or play dough, three-dimensional animations will be created according to the participants' preferences.