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who we are?

"We, Kerim and Dilara, initiated this journey as individuals dedicated to exploring the harmony of existence and fostering self-discovery.. Four years ago, we founded Nelumbo Art Studio. So many good people join us and we grow everyday"

What we believe?

"We believe in the unity of all beings, surrendering to the power of nature, and finding meaning in life. Inspired by the resilience of the lotus flower, we aspire to be symbols of beauty and purity even in the murkiest waters."

Where we are?

"Our studio is nestled in Istanbul, specifically in Kadıköy. Here, we curate exhibitions, host events, and foster creativity in a vibrant community."

whats is going

"At Nelumbo, we offer a sanctuary for artistic expression and self-reflection. Explore our Art Space for artworks, engage in dialogue at our Creation Space, stay updated with the latest News, and discover unique pieces at our Shop."


Because we've grown weary of silence, understanding the silent struggles that weigh heavily on hearts. As artists, we share the pain of isolation, amidst a world ravaged by political upheavals, environmental crises, and the looming specter of climate change. Yet, in the face of adversity, we hold onto the belief that we can bring beauty to our surroundings. In a world where laughter can heal, where no creature suffers, and where the air is cleaner, we find solace. We believe, and so we persevere."


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